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I was amazed to write about Indonesia, especially Sumatra – so this is my first try ). Some of it are just facts putting together, some – my experience and love to the country.


Indonesia defines adventure: the only limitation is how many of its 17,000 islands you can reach before your visa expires. Following the equator, Indonesia stretches between Malaysia and Australia in one long intoxicating sweep.

Delicate blue sky – this is indonesia. Blinding gleam of the sun on a bright turquoise waters of the Indian ocean and South China See – is also Indonesia. Magnificent reinforests, raging rivers, bewitching landscapes, spectacular volcanos – it is Indonesia. Plenty of national parks with orang-utans, komodo dragons, elephants, as well as pristine walls and coral canyons – this is also Indonesia. Kitchen, abounding vegetables, fresh seafood and fish, meat and traditional cooked rice, and fruits, fruits, fruits…..

This is what I new about Indonesia. It is try facts.

But the most important in Indonesia are people. Perhaps they have not so a lot of money, but they have a lot of

heart. With open mind and open heart, inquisitive, very helpful and hospitable they greet you on the street and friendly smile. It is not difficult to understand and recognize the smile from heart.

That is what I learn in Sumarta. As I come to visit the island, without speaking the language, without strict plans, without a lot of money I was overrun from the beauty and loveness of the people.

What could you feel, when the teenager change their plans to bring you to the right bus, the peoples on the street offer you to spend a night in their house or just invite you to come insight and have a rest. Sometimes they are too shy to talk to you, but when you stop to speak with someone, there are plenty of people wanted to know a bit about you or just ofer a help. That capture your heart. Once for ever.

This country is amazing and limitless.

Any despite any economic conditions, Indonesia will always remain beautiful and rich women – hospitably and generously bestowing every one of their guests.the country is really ready to generously share their wealth with each guest. Only those riches should be able to feel and understand …

Note :

Viktoria Hartung, A Germany traveling to Indonesia, from Singapore – Palembang – Bandar Lampung – Krakatau – Banten – Yogyakarta.

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